How old is your electric panel?

June 13th, 2017


Have you heard of Federal Pacific Electric?  I was recently the listing agent for a house built in 1973 that was very well maintained.  The home inspector noticed however that the main electric panel was made by Federal Pacific Electric. Come to find out, the company went out of business after a number of lawsuits against them for their breakers not tripping. If you google this company you will easily find more information. Most insurance companies recommend if not require replacement, and in the case of my Seller she had to credit the Buyer $2,000 for the cost of replacing the panel. Just one of those things that is good to know if you own an older home or are looking at buying one!

Federal Pacific 3 Federal Pacific 2 Federal Pacific 1

Dogs Love the Beach! (off-season of course)…

April 7th, 2016

Off-Season is a great time to visit Chatham beaches with your dog. My German shepherd “Lindy” LOVES the beach! It’s one of the perks of living here year-round. The walk at Hardings Beach out to the lighthouse is fabulous, and Lighthouse Beach to ‘the shack’ is another favorite. She also loves the walk around Schoolhouse Pond, complete with a swim that leaves her tired and happy. Hope the dog-lovers out there enjoy!



IMG_1107Lindy 1st  birthday 1Hardings Beach Mar 29 2016IMG_20160301_104159_674IMG_1952shark 1